Horti Peat Pots are excellent for raising plants from seeds or cuttings and for growing on seedlings of flowers or vegetables to a stage well in advance of the usual size for planting out.

Horti Peat Pots are manufactured from compressed peat moss and wood fibre, the plant can be put into its permanent position in the garden without removing it from the pot. The roots will grow through the sides of the pot and the plant will not suffer any transplanting shock.

This makes the Horti Peat Pot an ideal medium in which to grow seedlings to a quite advanced stage and with careful planning can mean the end of long periods of bare garden.

The peat moss in the pot enhances the garden soil into which it is planted.

Many professional gardeners use this technique to maintain continuous colour in particular spots and now we have a convenient way for the home gardener to use this idea too. This technique is very useful with today’s small area allotments.


Here are a few handy hints to help you keep your flower garden full of colour and your vegetable patch continuously productive.


It is important to use a reliable seed raising medium. Seeds and cuttings do best in relatively light, well-aerated soils.

We strongly recommend the use of Horti Seed & Potting Mixtures as they have been especially formulated for this purpose.

Fill the Horti Peat Pots with Seed & Potting Mix to about 15mm from the top, place three or four seeds in position on top of or just pressed into the seed & potting mix and cover the total surface with about 5mm of Horti Seed & Potting Mix (slightly more for larger seeds).

Until the seeds germinate, place the pots in a plastic bag and seal it. Put them in a warm spot out of direct sunlight. The plastic bag will help to retain moisture and create a humid atmosphere and this helps the seeds to germinate.

When the young seedlings appear, remove pots from the plastic bag and gradually introduce the plants to increasing amounts of sunlight.

Water the entire surface areas of the medium and keep damp but not wet.

About a week after emergence they may be fed with a weak solution of a liquid or soluble fertiliser such as Horti Foliar and this may be repeated every 7 days, gradually increasing the strength.

When the plants are growing well, select the strongest seedling in each pot and remove the others (cut away by the scissors).

If taken out carefully they can be transplanted into other Horti Peat Pot or directly to where they are to grow.

Prior to planting into permanent position in the garden, prepare the plot well by incorporating fertiliser and by digging over the bed.

Plant pot and all, firm soil around the pots and water well.


Some people prefer to purchase the seedlings and these may be transplanted into Horti Peat Pots for growing on to a more advanced stage.

Again, we recommend you use seed raising mixture and prepare it by using the technique described above for moistening.

Set the pots out in a cool spot, out of direct sunlight, until the seedlings adjust to their new environment and then gradually harden them off by slowly increasing their exposure to sunlight.

Then, when you are ready you will have strong, healthy and well-grown seedlings ready to grow and flower in their permanent garden position.


Cuttings may be handled in much the same way as suggested for transplanting seedlings using either seed raising mixture or a 50/50 mixture of Horti Perlite and Vermiculite.

For small cuttings you will probably be able to fit a number of them into the Horti Peat Pot but for larger cuttings it is advisable to use only one cutting per pot. Some people like to start the cuttings in a sealed plastic bag and this has the advantage of helping to retain moisture in the planting medium.

It is advisable to set the pots out in a relatively warm spot, out of direct sunlight, and leave them there until some substantial growth appears.

When roots start to appear out of the sides of the Horti Peat Pots, you will know that you can safely plant them out into their permanent garden position.

Horti Peat Pots are a great way of raising plants from seeds or from cuttings and they have the advantage that you can enjoy using them all the year round, indoors or outside.