Basil ‘Spicy Globe Greek’



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Also known as Greek Basil or Bush Basil, forms a small dome shaped bush that only reaches 25cm tall & wide so makes a gorgeous ornamental herb that looks perfect in terracotta pots.

The Greeks adore their basil and pots of it are used on tables at mealtimes to ward away flies & mosquitoes. It is easy to grow and will keep producing new fresh leaves if regularly picked through the season. It is such a useful culinary herb for the kitchen which makes an flavoursome addition to tomato based sauces for pasta or pizza.

【希腊辣球罗勒 】这是一种美丽的矮生罗勒植物,是一种天然株形圆且紧凑的灌木品种。放在厨房阳台,即可当调料也是漂亮的盆栽! 它有小而明亮的卵圆形绿叶,开白色的花。 具有浓郁的香辣丁香气味,用于调味或只是将一些放在厨房的盆子里,以获得香气和绿色。


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