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Easy to grow and cook, this is a most popular standard home garden variety. Roots are round, with rich deep colour. Heavy yield with tall strong tops make it easy for pulling. Excellent taste and particularly sweet flavour. Great for salads, entrees and hors d’oeuvres.

HINT: Soak for 2 hours before sowing to ensure water reaches the seeds.

SOW: Direct into soil and when seedling are 3-4cm high, thin out to required distance.

GROW IN POTS: Beetroot are easy to grow in pots. Choose round containers that are 20cm in diameter and at least 25cm deep.

LOCATION: Choose a sunny, well drained position.

GROWING: Roots grow slightly above ground level. Do not cover with soil.

Beetroot is best when grown quickly so apply Thrive Soluble fertiliser regularly. Pull alternate roots when harvesting for better crop.

红菜头又称为“红甜菜”或“根甜菜”等,为藜科甜菜属下的一个“种“, 是一种两年生草本块根生植物,肉质根呈球形。甜菜根红焰如火,又被称为火焰菜。甜菜根叶亦是一种可食蔬菜。





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