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Packaged in our zip-lock re-closable stand-up foil pouch that resist moisture and to extend shelf life.

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This species is widely distributed throughout the warm to hot climates of th world, both in sub-humid and semi-arid zones. It has become naturalised in the southern States of America, South Africa, India and the warmer climates of Australia in the 20-50 inches (510 – 1,270 mm) annual rainfall areas. It is known by a number of common names – Bermuda grass (America), kweek or quick grass (south Africa) and doob (India).

Couch grass is an aggressive, summer growing perennial which produces both stolons and rhizomes and these rapidly colonise bare ground and form a dense mat of fine pointed leaves,  While taller, larger leaf selections have been developed for forage purposes in the southern state of America, couch grass is used in Australia for soil stabilisation, erosion control and is one of the best and hardiest of turf species. It becomes dormant during the colder months and may be frosted at low temperatures; however, regrowth is rapid in spring and early summer. Good quality, high germinating seed is available and for soil stabilisation or turf purposes.

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