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Bitter Gourd is a very pretty, vigorous annual vine. The stems are thinner and woodier than cucumber. The attractive leaves are deeply indented; the dainty yellow flowers are fragrant. The fruits are waxy, warty skin and oblong shape. Bitter Gourd prefers warm humid climate, the soil must be well drained and rich in organic material. Ripening fruits are best wrap with paper bag to protect them being damaged by fruit flies.

TIP: When plants are 15cm high, provide twigs to guide plants to the trellis. If necessary, tie plants to trellis as they grow to provide support.

苦瓜属葫芦科一年生攀缘草本, 是一种蔬菜。原产於热带地区。茎蔓细长,分枝繁茂,叶掌狀,花黄色。它耐热性强,喜多肥,适於栽培土肥沃壤土为佳。排水及日照充足为宜。成长期间需搭棚架或篱笆旁供攀缘。果实成长期间需套袋,以预防瓜蠅为害。苦瓜可以生吃,也可以熟吃。具有降血糖、血脂、抗炎等作用。

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