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Easy to grow, a real ‘cottage garden’ favourite. Borage is grown for its pretty starry-blue flowers that are renowned for attracting bees to the garden. It is sometimes called Starflower or Bee Bread.

One of the few herbs where leaves and flowers can be used. The young edible leaves taste like Green Melon or cucumber.  Both leaves and flowers are an excellent garnish to salads. Leaves are often added to claret wines or mixed with water, lemon and sugar for a refreshing drink. Flowers can be candied for sweets. Try picking fresh flowers and freezing them in ice cubes, they look spectacular in drinks! Delicious, easy to grow and stunningly ornamental, this is the ideal multi-tasking veg for the gardener who wants it all.

LOCATION: A sunny, sheltered position in well-drained soil. Excellent for pots.

HOW TO GROW: Sow 5mm deep in flowering position in full sun or semi-shade. Firm down gently and keep moist. Use leaves in salads and cooking and the flowers for a garnish. Seedlings emerge 5 -14 days.



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