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A relative of the buttercup squash that resembles a small pumpkin with orange skin. Set fruit early and is tolerant to disease. Flesh is gorgeous orange, firm in texture with excellent aroma and taste. Fruit is 1.5kg and can be harvested about 40 days after blooming This hybrid stores and retains quality during storage.

袖珍南瓜是一类食用和观赏兼用,葫芦科一年生蔓性草本植物。早生,容易结果,耐病毒病力强。果实厚扁球形,重约1.5公斤,果皮金红色鲜明艳丽夺目。肉厚,橙色艳丽,肉质粉质香甜,风味甜美。一株可结2~3果左右,播种至采收约45~50天,开花至采收约45-50天。贮藏力强,且风味不易变坏。南瓜既可进行庭院棚架式,也可用地爬式(露地) 或可用较大的容器栽培。

Botanical Name: Cucurbita maxima

This is an F1 Hybrid variety – it gives ‘Hybrid vigour’ and very productive crops. Seed is often produced by hand pollination and the seed are expensive. Do not attempt to save seed from these plants as it will not develop true to type any more.

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