Canna Tropical Rose



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This variety is grown from seed. It is extra dwarf, growing only 40 cm in height. The soft rose colour blooms are produced on a spike held above the glossy green foliage. It blooms early, approximately 85 days after sowing in warm conditions.

Location: Canna is well worth planting, not only for pots, in the garden but also in window boxes and borders. Any good garden soil in a sunny position will give excellent results.

Sowing: Sow seed direct when plants are wanted. Plant seed 10mm deep and cover with Horti Seed & Potting Mixture. Firm down and keep moist. A good plan is to sow groups of 2 to 3 seeds about 40cm apart – then there is no need to thin out.

Growing: Keep well watered and free from weeds. Cultivate lightly around plants, nourish with a good mixed fertilizer such as Gro-Plus Complete Plant Food.



以种子繁殖的实生系美人蕉品系,花径约7.5 – 10公分。极早生,播种後约80 – 85天即可开花。盆栽最好采用盆径30公分以上寸盆,栽株高约100公分即可开始开花。花色有红、桃红色。叶片有绿、褐红色。植株矮性适合庭园栽植。

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