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Quick and easy to grow, hardy perennial plant. Grown for its deliciously scented fine foliage, with daisy-like flowers, plants smell wonderful when cut or brushed by. It makes a lovely addition to the perennial border or patio, and the flowers used for soothing herbal teas to aid in sleep and traditional medicine. Very high in essential anti-oxidants.

Hint: Sow direct in garden or containers. Cover with Horti Seed & Potting Mixture. Keep moist. In Sun or semi-shade position.

Botanical Name: Anthemis nobilis (Roman or Sweet chamomile)

洋甘菊属菊科为多年生草本植物,原产欧洲。株高约20-30公分高, 全株无毛,有香气。茎直立,上部多分枝。叶子羽狀深裂,呈线狀。花为头狀、中心黄色,花瓣白色。盛开後会下垂向後卷,花带有淡淡苹果香味,在平地栽培很容易就能开花,花数多,除了做香草植物外,也能當作花卉观赏。


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