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Chinese Celery is a smaller version of Western celery, but its flavour is quite a bit stronger. Leaves are pinnately dissected with long leaf stalks, 25 – 27cm high. The stems are thin, crisp, hollow ana curved into round. Leaves are jagged on the edges. Both the leaves and stems eaten raw have a strong aromatic for flavouring soups and stews. Very easy to grow.

四季香芹菜属伞形花科香芹, 本地闽南音称[轻菜]。全株翠绿色,叶由三张锯齿狀复叶组成,叶梗略空心, 全株具浓郁芳香味。嫩茎、叶柄及叶片作为蔬菜食用。适炒食、煮汤、生食清香甜脆。食之有解闷,助消化,促进食欲。芹菜适宜盆栽,种置在屋前、簷後、露台等位置,可当观赏植物般欣赏。

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