Coco Grow Poles (60cm H)



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The Natural Plant Support that keeps plants Moist and Healthy.

These ‘Moss’ poles are made from coco fibre (not moss) fixed to a hollow plastic pole (ø32mm). The coco fibre is able to absorb moisture and release it slowly to the plant, making it ideal for plants with a climbing habit. The coco fibre lasts longer than real moss and of course it will never die. It’s manufactured by environment friendly, biodegradable coconut fibres.

It is a supporting pole for potted plant creepers to grow indoor as well as outdoor gardens. Its high water holding capacity ensures the plant grow strong. It could be use in any clay or plastic pots.

Available in sizes

Lengths: 60cm, 80cm, 100cm, 150cm in Height.

Tube Diameter: 4cm in overall thickness

Additional information

Dimensions 4 x 60 cm