茴香 Huíxiāng

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Easy to grow and fast to mature. Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare) is a cosmopolitan herb belonging to the carrot family and part of a huge genus called Apiaceae. It is a hardy, perennial herb with yellow flowers and fine feathery foliage. With delicate aniseed flavour. Use leaves as a herb or garnish, use Fresh stems can be eaten like celery or vegetable. The foliage of this hardy perennial makes a tasty addition to salads or as an attractive garnish.

Hint: Fennel leaves can be snipped for fresh use once plants are 20cm tall or more and established. Snip leaves before flowering.

茴香 Huíxiāng 原名小怀香,又称香丝菜,也叫茴香苗或茴香菜,是一种食用价值很高的蔬菜。有茎叶,比较长,全株高40-120厘米,表面有粉霜,叶子像针一样,但是比较柔软,通身呈绿色,开黄色的小花。可当作蔬菜吃的茴香菜吃的是嫩茎叶,有特异香气,多用于调制馅料,香味独特且健胃理气。


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