小白菊 [Xiao Bai Ju]

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Used as a healing herb for centuries, people have been taking feverfew to treat migraines. Migraines are moderate to severe headaches that affect one side of the head. We cannot confirm or deny this though.

Feverfew (Chrysanthemum Parthenium) – Feverfew is definitely a must-have for the herb garden! It is not only a lovely ornamental herb, but it has medicinal value as well. Feverfew is easily grown from herb seeds, and it is a hardy perennial. A synonymous botanical name is Tanacetum Parthenium.

The name feverfew comes from Latin “febrifugiaa”, in reference to its use for reducing fever in medieval times. “Golden Feverfew” The fragrant leaves of this best form of this ancient herb and cottage -garden flower, which bears golden-eyed white daisies on small, golden-leaved compact plants, and this plant grows so quickly that it can be grown as an annual. For centuries, people have been taking feverfew to treat migraines and headaches. Pinch back when seedlings reach about 10cm tall to encourage bushiness.

小白菊别名钮扣菊又名解熱菊,而其英文名來自於拉丁文febrifugia ,意指退燒藥。是菊科、菊目的二年生草本花卉 ,多年生草本,高至60cm。叶互生,叶片羽状深裂。头状花序生于枝顶,舌状花白洁白似玉色。具菊花香味,花期长,花枝挺,每株可开近百朵花。小白菊喜阳光充足而凉爽的环境,喜疏松、肥沃、湿润、排水良好的壤土中生长最佳。 芳香浓烈,有淡黄色小叶,花形似雏菊。适合盆栽、组合盆栽观赏或花坛美化。

Botanical Name: Tanacetum parthenium

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