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An old favorite whose brilliant trumpet-shaped flowers open in late afternoon, remain open all night and usually close before noon the next day. Also remains open on cloudy days. Produces colourful blooms of white, shades of red, pink and yellow. Sow directly at a permanent location.

Mirabilis Jalapa is a large, bushy, hardy plant with neat and smooth leaves that is excellent to use as low hedges or as temporary shrubs. Especially nice in the evening fragrance.

紫茉莉别名夜娇娇、晚香花。 通常会在傍晚炊烟四起的时刻开始绽放,因此俗称[煮饭花]。花能延续在夜间里盛开至翌日上午凋谢。花色变化多,並具有香味,其生性強健,生长快旺,极少病虫害,,很易种植,不需特殊管理和照顾。它极喜全日照、温暖和潮湿。紫茉莉对於土质要求不严格,它适宜家栽盆,选择盆大及深,㬵盆或瓦盆不拘。紫茉莉应直播,种子本身颇大、皮厚、故播前宜先浸种:即用水浸种子60分钟。

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