Hi-Kil Clear White Oil Spray


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Packing 原装: 500mL 毫升 Trigger pack 喷雾瓶装

A natural alternative to chemical insecticides

  • General purpose, very low toxicity – almost harmless to humans and pets.
  • Easy grip handle, adjustable spray/ jet nozzle.
  • Convenient – no mixing. ready to use.

A natural, contact insect spray which leaves no residue, can be used within one day of harvest on edible crops. It is very effective in the control of plant scale pests like Mealybugs and Scale insects. It is one of a very few insecticides that will eliminate scale insects. Owing to the hard-protective coating of scale, they are difficult to eradicate and will withstand ordinary insecticides. Anti-Scales effectively blocks the minute air passages, thus destroying the adult insects and generally the eggs.