Horti Hydroleca


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Packing: 1.5 Litres BAG

包装规格: 1.5 公升 / 袋

  • Strong, Lightweight, Long lasting – Easy to use.
  • Hard, ceramic ‘Pebbles’ made out of the purest clay, with smooth dense outer skin and honeycomb interior.
  • Non-toxic, disease-free, don’t crack or disintegrate and resistance to algae.
  • Neutral pH (7) and no chemical insert.
  • Free draining, but with controlled moisture retentionand release, which means plenty of space for air amongst the roots.
  • Free from disease, weeds & insects.
  • Excellent aeration characteristics.

【炼石】呈粒状,质量轻及坚固,表面天然的棕黄色,内部黑褐色,带有密细气孔,善排水通气,使用方便。颇能吸水和保持适当的湿润,不致烂根和枯萎,中和性酸硷度 pH 值为〔7〕和不含化学成份,不易惹虫菌侵害,清洁,而且符合卫生.