柳薄荷 Liǔ bò he

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Aromatic, busy plant with small leaves and tiny blue flowers along the stems.

Hyssop plants are a dark, vibrant green with a spiky, upright habit and narrow tongue-like leaves that have a peppery scent when stroked. Hyssop is a strong-flavoured aromatic herb similar to rosemary or lavender which is enjoying a revival with home gardeners.

It is an ideal plant for use in containers or as a low hedge or border within the herb garden. In cooking, use the same way you would Rosemary. It should be used sparingly as the flavour is very strong. Young leaves can be used chopped and scattered on salads, sprinkled on meat or oily fish dishes or used to flavour soups, stews and fruit dishes.




Botanical Name: Hyssopus officinal blue

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