Lamb’s Lettuce (Corn Salad)



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Lamb’s Lettuce is a small annual plant that is eaten as a leaf vegetable. Grows in a low rosette with spatulate leaves, that is eaten as a leaf vegetable. Delicate, nutty flavour, dark green colour, and soft texture, and is popularly served as salad greens. Lamb’s Lettuce.  Also known as corn salad or mache, like other formerly foraged greens, corn salad has many nutrients, including three times as much vitamin C as lettuce.

Botanical Name: Valerianella Locusta (Mache) Verte de Cambrai

CARE:  Grow in semi-shade. Feed plants regularly with Horti Seaweed Fertiliser. Protect from snails and slugs. Lettuce needs plenty of water, low moisture will yield bitter leaves.

HINTS: Pick leaves regularly from early stages. Plants will continue to grow and can be repeat harvested.




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