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Buttercrunch Lettuce is an all-time gardener-favourite because of its luscious, famous for its delicious flavour and buttery texture. A small, tender, loose leaf lettuce suitable for warm climates. Light green, crunchy leaves are sweet of flavuor and make excellent tosses salads.

HINTS: Harvest Buttercrunch as soon as possible after the head forms. Cut the heads off 2″ above ground level. New leaves will continue to grow from the remaining centre. Enjoy Organic Buttercrunch Lettuce picked fresh from your garden.


奶油莴苣又名 奶油生菜、又称波士顿奶油生菜,抱合型半结球莴苣,(Butter Head型、欧洲型品种) 。是菊科莴苣属之一年生或二年生蔬菜。的茎叶含有丰富的乳白色汁液,入口有种淡淡的香甜且口感软嫩,故而得名,营养价值高。5寸盆以上即可栽种,适合家庭栽培。。奶油生菜多用于生食、煮食、作为生菜沙拉非常出色,叶子多汁甜美,营养价值高,是可口美味的蔬菜。5寸盆以上即可栽种,适合家庭,亦适合经济栽培。

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