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Decorate your House, Office, Showroom with colourful Gel Crystal.

Ideal for decorating your house, office plants that grow soilless with no requirement of water in glass vases and trays. Add water only when it looks dry and shrunken. Keep your living environment mozzie free.

Magic Soil is an acrylate resin copolymer by special colouring process.

Free from the risk of pollution and toxicity.

Unharmful to our environment.

Ideal in cultivating your indoor plants with less watering. Frequent watering your plant will not be needed unless the Magic Soil (crystalline gel) looks dry and shrunk.

Special Feature: Our Magic Soil will not dye each other (after expanded) when more than two colours are place together, but other brands cannot be accomplish the same effect as we can. Available in 6 different colours.


【魔晶土】乾净,透明稳定和很鲜明的色彩晶状软体,而形状不定。可依自己喜好设计,作色系分层或彩虹般配置,纯装饰欣赏或栽植耐荫性的室内植物。 魔晶具有吸收大量水价并贮存水份特佳功能,栽培室内植物,不必常常浇水,只要当它出现要乾固现像和开始缩小时才要加添水。魔晶含有适量的肥料,能为室内植物初期之营养料。有 6 种不同颜色可供选择。

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