Pomegranate & Citrus Plant Food



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  • N.P.K. Granular:
  • Total Nitrogen (N) …………….16%
  • Ammonium-N ……….. 9.5%
  • Nitrate-N ………………. 6.5%
  • Total Phosphate (P2O5) ……16%
  • Citrate Soluble P2O5 ..16%
  • Water Soluble P2O5 …11.2%
  • Total Potassium (K2O) ……..16%

Pomegranate Plant Food (N.P.K.: 16 – 16 – 16) is a balanced fertiliser mixture containing essential nutrients, together with trace elements for enriches garden soil, great lustre green healthy foliage, aids root development and large juicy fruits.
Pomegranate Plant Food is recommended for use on lemons, oranges, grapefruit, mandarins, limes and cumquats. The vitamin-rich fruit can be picked progressively over a long period making Pomegranate plants ideal for home growing.

HOW TO APPLY: Spread evenly as side dressing within the “Feeder Roots” and not closer to stem, lightly scratch into surface to avoid root disturbance. Water immediately after every application. Apply once every two weeks.

NOTE: What are “Feeder Roots”: Roots of plants have one of two main purposes – the first is to hold the plant in the ground by what are known as as anchor roots. The second purpose is to take up nutrients and water – these so-called feeder roots are smaller and relatively short-lived compared to the anchor roots.


【使用方法】:固态粒状肥、使用方便,先把泥表面疏松,将肥料平均散播在盆缘土壤或可埋置於饲养根群四周,需与植株主干保持一定距距离,忌与植株根部直接接觸,以免发生肥伤。藉浇水时徐徐溶解,以利植物吸收。 每两周施肥一次,并灌水。

什么是【饲养根】:植物根源有两个用途 – 第一作用是通过所谓的锚根将植株主干保持在地下。第二作用是吸收养分和水 – 与锚根相比,这些所谓的饲养根比较小且寿命相对较短。

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