Mustard Greens



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Jie Cai or Gai Choi

The Mustards are amoung the Chinese most highly prized vegetables. Bright green leaves, board, rather undulating leaves. Think wide leaf stalks, crisp and tender good flavour.

The Mustards are naturally vigorous and robust plants. Provided they are grown in open site. The soil is reasonably fertile and moisture-retentive.

Thrive in the warm, humid conditions. They have high levels of vitamins, calcium, and iron.

Fresh use or pickling – salted or vinegar pickles.


本品种株形直立叶大,叶面平滑浅绿色, 叶柄宽扁外侧,肉质脆嫩柔软无纤维。芥菜含蛋白质、脂肪和多种维生素,能消暑清热,增进食欲,明目安胃及开胃功效。食用价值做汤,炒菜,腌制。



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