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Why not try something different?

Maybe the kids would like to have a try at growing their own Peanuts. Grow them in big pots or in the garden.

Groundnut or Peanut as it is also called is a four-foliate annual legume with yellow sessile flowers and subterranean fruits. It is consumed as food, as a source of edible oil and used as fodder. Peanuts are highly nutritious containing 50 – 55% oil and 40 – 45% protein.

How to grow: Plants should reach 30 – 40cm at flowering, it is a self-pollinated crop. After flowering, flower stalk pegs will push downward into the soil, which when at a sufficient depth (7cm) the tip of the root will develop the peanuts. When plant have died down, dig the pods. Generally, ripen in the ground it takes about 90-120 days from fertilization to full pod maturity. Peanuts then pull out from the ground.

Harvest: To harvest, dig up nuts with great care to avoid them breaking off and remaining in the ground. Dry for 2-3 days, after which you can remove the nuts from the plants and dry them on mats for 7-10 days, to a moisture content of 10%. Shelling should be done by hand.

Germination time: 7-10 days.

Sow: Sow at where they are to grow. Press 2 seeds either in a 30cm container or alternatively space 30cm apart.

Location: Choose well-prepared bed or fairly deep container in a sunny position and add Gro-plus fertilizer for best results.

Growing: Peanuts need a warm growing condition. Protect against snails or slugs using. Keep weed free.






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