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This variety is the most suitable for Tropical regions. Plants are medium height, vigorus, uniform size and high yielding. Pods setting smooth 5 angles, medium green, spineless and tender. Okra favour a rich soil and full Sun. Seedlings usually appear in less than 10 days. To ensure a good crop pick pods in young stage usually about 7 – 10 days after flowers fade, before they lose their tenderness.


适合露地或塑料钵直播定植。土壤以肥沃质为佳。注意灌水及病虫害防除。果形端正,果长10公分时为适采收,采收期可达100余天。它肉质细嫩,味道香甜,除了生食外,本地很受欢迎的叁芭炒秋葵, 娘惹羊角豆。

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