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吉惠泥炭盆 #522


【可生物降解 & 环保种子育苗泥炭盆】泥炭盆由苔藓和天然木材纤维制成 ,不含胶水或化学物质可生物分解、透气,育苗的根部可直接渗透育苗盆, 并与土壤结合。在移植过程中无需从盆中去除苗, 消除移植冲击、伤害和枯萎的植物失望。并促进根部强韧并提高幼苗的存活率。一并让植物完全生长,对土壤和天然友善。

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SIZE: (6 cm square) x 2 Strips

Horti Peat Pots are excellent for raising plants from seeds or cuttings and for growing on seedlings of flowers or vegetables to a stage well in advance of the usual size for planting out.

Horti Peat Pots are manufactured from compressed peat moss and wood fibre, the plant can be put into its permanent position in the garden without removing it from the pot. The roots will grow through the sides of the pot and the plant will not suffer any transplanting shock.

This makes the Horti Peat Pot an ideal medium in which to grow seedlings to a quite advanced stage and with careful planning can mean the end of long periods of bare garden.

The peat moss in the pot enhances the garden soil into which it is planted.

How to use Peat Pots:

  • Fill up the peat pot with ¾ Horti Seed & Potting Mix specifically blended for starting seeds and cuttings.
  • Thoroughly moisten potting mix with water prior to sowing seeds or adding cuttings.
  • Don’t overcrowd. Limit 2 to 3 seeds per pot.
  • To maintain high humidity, cover pots loosely with plastic wrap. Remove wrap immediately when seeds sprout, or cuttings begin to show root development.
  • Soil temperature is an extremely important part of the success with seeds and cuttings. Most of the crops and cuttings need soil temperature of 21°C.
  • Note: It’s soil, not air temperature that counts.
  • After plants have started to grow in Peat Pots, keep them uniformly moist but not soaking wet.
  • Use half-strength application of fertilizer about 2 weeks after ‘true leaves’ have formed on seedlings. Keep plants in high light location.
  • When moving plants from indoors to outdoors for transplanting, always harden them by placing in a shady location for 2 to 3 days before planting in a permanent location.
  • When planting, plant “pot and all”. Be sure to completely cover Peat Pot with garden soil.


  • 只需将泥炭盆放入Horti Seed & Potting Mix之理想泥炭质培养土即可。
  • 只需将种子或幼苗放入泥炭盆中,每盆限制 2 到 3 粒种子,不要过度拥挤。
  • 为了保持适量的水份及湿度,用保鲜膜松松地盖住花盆。当种子发芽或扦插开始显示根部发育时,立即去除包装。
  • 土壤温度是种子和扦插成功的一个极其重要的部分。大多数农作物和扦插需要21°C的土壤温度。注意:重要的是土壤,而不是气温。
  • 苗期应经常浇水,保持培养土湿润状态。
  • 当植物的根增长穿透过泥炭盆,即可移植到地面或大的容器中。只需将整个泥炭盆放入土壤即可,并确保泥炭盆完全覆盖花园土壤,泥炭盆会随著时间分解在土壤里降解成肥料。
  • 并增加光照与通风。

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