Horti-Po Insecticide (100mL)


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Packing 原装: 100mL 毫升小瓶装

Active Constituents: 400g/L Dimethoate

Controls Fruit Fly, Aphids, Thrips, Leafminers and certain other insect pests.

This chemical has contact and penetrant action.
It is most effective in killing aphids, red spider, bugs, all leaf sucking insects. Fruit and vegetables can be harvested 7 days after spraying.

【 福地宝】是高效、低毒的有机磷杀虫剂,具有渗透性,农药自植物的枝叶或根渗入体内,随体液运行至整株植物,在一星期间内,具有触杀虫的作用,灭除有隐藏习性的昆虫如蓟马、蚜虫、红蜘蛛等吸吮类害虫。即使是雨水下降或气候变化,不含影响药效,使您的作物获得最佳的保护。