Daikon White Radish



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Beautiful, white, round, smooth cylindrical roots with a crisp and crunchy taste. Early white neck type, 35cm long, 6cm in diameter.

Tolerant to heat, suitable for warm weather condition. Excellent quality for cooking, pickling, salad. The leaves can be eaten as a vegetable.

大根白萝卜属十字花科根菜类蔬菜俗称[白菜头]。早生、耐热,株形直立,根型端直,长杙型, 须根细少,皮细白光滑美观。肉质结实,不易空心。宜煮炒做汤,加工食品如:[菜头粿]、[菜脯]。萝卜含有淀粉糖化酵素及维他命A的先导体,具有清热去燥、止咳化痰功效和帮助消化。

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