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An attractive perennial hardy evergreen plant. The needle-like, dark green leaves and lavender blue flowers.

The leaves are one of the most pungent with a warm, resinous scent.

Sow: In sun or semi-shade. Ideal for growing direct in pots or tubs. Cover with Horti Seed & Potting Mix. Keep moist.

Harvesting: Pick leaves as required for use fresh. For drying, cut the branches before the plant begins flowering, when the flavour is at its best. Tie in small bunches, and hang in a shady, airy place. When dry, strip the leaves from the woody stems. Stored in airtight containers.

Use: Rosemary helps the digestion of rich and starchy food. It gives a savoury tang to grilled beef, lamb, pork, chicken or stews, toss leaves over hot charcoal.


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