Rudbeckia Goldilocks



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This variety is truely spectacular – the best Rudbeckia we have seen. Rich, golden flowers that glisten in the sun.

Rudbeckia Goldilocks’ has long stems, supporting long lasting blooms that are ideal for cutting, as well as making a bright addition to beds and borders. The flowers are double and a rich yellow-orange, with black centers. It keeps producing new blooms, overlapping, so that they cover the ones that are fading. It’s an outstanding garden plant for a sunny spot.

TIPS: Removing the faded flower heads or cutting encourages new blooms to come.

金花菊 – 蝴蝶/柠檬黄色,新品种。大花双瓣黄色花,花心呈黄褐色,極矮性,株高约30公分,植株紧密,分枝性佳,株型美好。早开花、花径约7公分。多花性,花期長,耐熱性強,盆钵、花坛栽植表現优异。

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