Seed & Potting Mix 2KG


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Packing: 2 Kilo BAG / 包装规格:2 公斤 / 袋

  • A soil-less mixture used for raising seeds and striking cuttings.
  • Contains all the ingredients for fast, uniform germination. Assures strong root development.
  • Contains vermiculite and peat moss to prevent drying out. Keep moist but not wet.
  • Free from weed seeds and diseases.
  • Suitable for germinating all types of seed.
  • Fertiliser added for early nutrition.

欧洲进口原料天然泥炭土,本地加工与配方制成,不含病虫,杂草种子, 干净,环保、衛生。含有适量肥料,可直接使用。