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Perilla frutescens is a herb of the mint family, Lamiaceae, most closely related to basil. In Chinese called zisu and is traditionally used in Chinese medicine, it is used to ease the symptoms of the common cold. It has a distinct cinnamon and clove-like flavour and aroma. The Japanese call the green type aojiso (青紫蘇), or ooba (“big leaf”), and often eat the fresh leaves with sashimi (sliced raw fish) or cut them into thin strips in salads, spaghetti, and meat and fish dishes. Scientists have explored the use of shiso juice as a possible water treatment to kill the larvae of mosquito species known to carry Dengue fever.

TIPS: To improve germination, soak the seeds in water for 24 hours before sowing. As flower buds appear pinch them out to prolong cropping.

紫苏别名:桂荏、白苏、赤苏等;为唇形科 一年生草本植物。具有特异的芳香,叶片多 皱缩卷曲,完整者展平后呈卵圆形。青紫苏 的口感比较嫩,所以较适合生食,搭配海鲜、肉类食用不仅可以增添香气,还有去腥、杀 菌的效果喔!此外紫苏可供药用和香料用。


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