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Quick growing crops for smaller vegetable gardens and containers.

Silverbeet is also known as Swiss chard and Seakale Beet. 瑞士彩虹叶甜菜、彩虹唐萵苣

A most popular and easy to grow leafy vegetable, rich in vitamins A & C. Mix of rainbow brilliantly coloured stems and bright green or red leaves. It is easy to grow in the ground or in containers and is one of the few greens that tolerates both cool weather and heat. This variety is great for kids.

Hint: You can harvest as baby leaves or at full size, eat young leaves in salads – the rich leaves as spinach. Steam or stir-fries Chard when mature.

Sow: Direct in clumps in garden or containers. Cover with Horti Seed & Potting Mix and keep moist.

史上最美蔬菜: 瑞士彩虹叶甜菜。属于藜科菾菜属植物,二年生草本植物。台湾、日本大多叫它唐莴苣,因其叶大肉厚,一般又叫它牛皮菜。以幼苗或叶片作蔬菜用, 菜嫩而甜,适合做沙拉或 烹調食用。适应性较强,耐高温也耐低温, 喜温暖湿润气候。具有菠菜相似的味道, 其茎叶均可食用,富含维生素A & C, 是营养价值极高的绿色蔬菜。适于阳台种菜 与盆栽蔬菜.

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