Step by step to establish new lawns



Step by step instructions to establish new lawns or repair the worn areas

Step 1 :
Dig and loosen the soil to a depth of 10cm. Remove any clods, pebbles, or stones and make sure that the top 2.5cm of soil is spreaded as fine and even as you can. Avoid “humps” and “hollows”. (hint : rake in a “Groplus Lawn Food”).
Step 2 :
Divide area to be sown, into manageable sections (1 or 2 sq. metre segments). Sprinkle or spread the seeds at the rate of 30gm per sq. metre (approx. a handful) evenly over one section at a time.
Step 3 :
Once seed is sown, firm down the soil with a roller or by walking on it. This helps germination tremendously. Water daily to keep moist until the lawn is established.
Step 4 :
Commence mowing when the grass is about 10cm high. Set the mower height initially to cut the top 2cm off the grass. This thickens the grass and encourages root growth. Lower your cut at subsequent mowing until desired height is reached – around 5cm.
Step 5 :
After the lawn is established, regular feeding with a good lawn food is recommended to keep the grass strong, healthy & maintaining its color. And to keep down weeds.