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Tom Thumb Mixed: An Australian native and popular ‘Everlasting’ flower. Its dwarf, double daisy-like flowers of straw-like texture and appearance makes it one of the finest subjects for bouquets, apart from being useful for beds and borders. Grows best in a warm and sunny position in a well-drained moist soil, which is slightly alkaline.

To dry for use: Cut flowers at the main stem just before the center petals open, remove foliage, tie in small bunches and hang head downwards in a cool and well-ventilated place.


千年菊,叶褐绿,狭长而密集,成株丛生壮,花色亦多,适合切花,花坛或盆栽宜用大盆。性喜温暖,忌高温或过度干旱。栽培土以[福地牌]培养土为佳,施肥以有机肥和 “Horti Foliar” 速效三要素肥按月施肥至开花。

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