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A very easily grown hardy annual. A dwarf sunflower variety that produces classic golden-yellow flowers with a distinctive dark centre. The short, well-branched plants are sturdy and upright, and grow to just 40cm (16in) tall.They are ideal for containers, on sunny decks or on patios, they are also useful in beds or borders. Partner them with other hardy annuals, or use them to fill spaces in perennial beds.

向日葵属菊科,俗称日头花。日本进口高品质种子。为矮种的向日葵品种,无花粉,于温度20℃以上的环境栽培,播种后约50~55天即可开花。分枝性佳,对日照长短反应不明显,终年皆可种植。株高约40厘米左右集会开花,花盘直径10~17厘米,因此可以当作小品盆栽栽培。 适合盆植、花槽或是庭园种植。

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