Sweet Marjoram



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Traditionally the symbol of youth, beauty and happiness, this pleasantly aromatic ANNUAL herb with attractive spikes of tiny white and mauve flowers. The stems which are reddish-brown, carry its sweet, spicy scent. The dried flowers are excellent for use in potpourri. Marjoram will thrive as a potted plant.

Sow: An ideal herb to be grown direct in pots and troughs. Cover with Horti Seed & Potting Mix. Keep moist. Choose sunny position.

Harvesting:  Pick leaves as required for use fresh. For drying or freezing, are best gathered just before the flowers open, cutting down to 2.5cm from the ground, tie in small bunches, and hang in a light, airy position.

Use:  It is an excellent flavouring for roast or grilled meat, soups and casseroles. Add it to stuffing and sprinkle it over salads or vegetables.

Height:  30-40cm tall.

甜马郁兰又称马郁兰草、马约兰、麻药蓝、甜牛至。萃取 对扩张动脉、微血管扩张、散瘀有帮助。被视为能使青春永驻的香草。


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