Tomato Plum (Egg)



Intermediate growth, large fleshy smooth skinned fruits.

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An early, deep red egg-shaped fruit that is very firm, fleshy, juicy, almost seedless and heavy cropping. Usually used for ketchups. It can be cooked or eaten raw. It’s free from cracks and resistant to rotting. Its compact bushes spread well. It usually grows up to 6 or 7 fruits per cluster.

SOWING: Sow direct 3 to 4 seeds at about 50cm spacing and at the depth of 5mm. Cover with Seed & Potting Mix. Thin out to 1 or 2 plants per spacing. Tomatoes can also be sown in Jiffy. When the roots of the plant start to emerge through the Jiffy, place the whole Jiffy and plant, into its permanent position.

INDETERMINATE: Tomato Egg are indeterminate variety, which means that continual growth and development. Plant keeps on flowering and setting fruit even after the first (fruit) set is harvested. This indeterminate variety require substantial staking, trellised, or caged for support. And pruned for best results; fruit ripens over an extended period.

植株高性,生育勢強,耐热。果形特殊;喜蛋型品种:果实形状及大小像雞蛋, 果硬肉厚口感佳。结果力强。不裂果、耐叶斑病。本品种为加工用优良品种,无论制番笳糊、生食、作菜皆适宜。


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