Tomato Tigerella



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Easy to grow and the sweet, tangy and smooth skinned fruits mature early and are fun and delicious to grow.

Also known in the US as Mr. Stripey. These unique fruits are noted for their stripes, hence the name. When immature they are a light green with dark green stripes. When mature the stripes alternate between red and a yellow orange. Children and adults alike will love watching these tomatoes mature and change colour. Fruits have a very tangy, sweet flavour, yields are very heavy, plant require to be staked.

INDETERMINATE: Tomato Tigerella are indeterminate variety, which means that continual growth and development. Plant keeps on flowering and setting fruit even after the first (fruit) set is harvested. This indeterminate variety require substantial staking for support.

虎纹番茄又称花绣球西红柿, lRHS(英国皇家园艺学会)花园奖得主。在美国也称为Stripey先生。这些独特的水果以其条纹着称,因此得名。未成熟时为浅绿色,带有深绿色的条纹。成熟时,表面点缀金黄色条纹在红色和橙黄色之间交替。儿童和成人都会喜欢看着这西红柿成熟并变色。它的肉质具有独特、丰富且浓郁的香甜。须枝柱支撑,抗性好,在湿热环境表现良好,并能结出大量的果实。

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