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Very compact plants, ideal for patio pots.

Bite-sized cherry tomatoes with an irresistible, sweet and flavoursome. Compact, approx. 30cm (12in) high plants are suitable for pots, containers and hanging baskets. Determinate, requires no support.

GROWING: Sow direct 3 to 4 seeds at about 50cm spacing and at the depth of 5mm. Cover with Seed & Potting Mix. Thin out to 1 or 2 plants per spacing. Tomatoes can also be sown in Jiffy. When the roots of the plant start to emerge through the Jiffy, place the whole Jiffy and plant, into its permanent position.

Determinate: Compact variety for an early growth, concentrated set for once-over harvest. Thereafter, yield drops off dramatically. Might as well re-plant and start over.




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