Tomato Yellow Pear



Indeterminate, small yellow very sweet pear shaped fruits.

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An unusual, fleshy small golden yellow very sweet pear shaped fruits and something really novel and colourful for petite, distinctive salad tomato.

Bite size tomatoes in great abundance. Ideal for pickling. This vigorous, bushy indeterminate plant may require some support. Pinch out side-shoots if plants become too large.

GROWING: Sow direct 3 to 4 seeds at about 50cm spacing and at the depth of 5mm. Cover with Seed & Potting Mix. Thin out to 1 or 2 plants per spacing. Tomatoes can also be sown in Jiffy. When the roots of the plant start to emerge through the Jiffy, place the whole Jiffy and plant, into its permanent position.

INDETERMINATE: Tomato Yellow Pear are indeterminate variety, which means that continual growth and development. Plant keeps on flowering and setting fruit even after the first (fruit) set is harvested. This indeterminate variety require substantial staking, trellised, or caged for support. And pruned for best results; fruit ripens over an extended period.


栽培方法:  栽培:日照充足通风良好,喜肥沃乾燥排水良好的硷性土壤,日照充足环境,喜冷凉,适度修剪可促使多生侧芽,让植株长的更茂盛。




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