Torenia ~ Wishbone flower


夏堇 (蝴蝶花)

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Torenia fournieri, the bluewings or wishbone flower, is an annual plant in the Linderniaceae, with blue, white, or pink flowers that have yellow markings. It is typically grown as a landscape annual, reaching 20cm tall. It has simple opposite or subopposite leaves with serrated edges.

Torenias thrive in extreme heat and humidity and perfect for moist tropical gardens. Torenia mature into tight exotic compacts ideal for indoor planters, pots, window boxes, or hanging baskets. Torenia in your garden promise to attract hummingbirds, butterflies and even the neighbours.

夏堇为玄参科,蝴蝶草属一年生直立草本植物,整朵花蓝紫色的斑块颇大,极似猪头上的双耳,故称之蓝猪耳。株高20厘米,株形整齐而紧密。花色有紫青色、桃红色、兰紫、深桃红色及紫色等,喉部有黄色。 夏堇喜阳光。对土壤适应性较强,但以湿润而排水良好的壤土为佳,不耐寒,较耐热。 夏堇花朵小巧,花色丰富,花期长7—10月,种子细小。生性强健,适合阳台、花坛、花台等种植,也是优良的吊盆花卉。

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