Horti Anti Mozzie



Packing 原装: 220 gram 小罐

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Kills Mosquito Larvae

Active Ingredient: Temephos 1% SG

Anti-Mozzie to control the larvae of biting midges, black fly, moth, sand flies and mosquitoes which are vectors of various diseases like Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever and Malaria.

Use Anti-Mozzie as a spot treatment on flowerpot saucers, in vases, roof gutters, floor traps, unused toilet bowls and cisterns or any suspected site of stagnant water around your home. To prevent mosquito breeding in any water-bearing receptacles, even if it is dry. When there is water, Anti-Mozzie will dissolves slowly and kills the mosquito larvae.

用以控制所有蚊子能繁殖的地方。以及扑灭伊蚊幼虫(孑孓) 滋生,预防骨痛溢血热症。防止蚊虫在任何盛水器里繁殖,如花瓶、花盆垫盘、贮水缸、屋顶水槽、排水孔、什至是没有使用的抽水马桶和水箱都不可忽略。