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The lemon like aroma and taste in these basils is due to a high content of citral and the flowery fragrance of linalool. Over 200 species of plants produce linalool, which is the chemical that is found in the plants that create the scent. It is even said that the Lemon Basil is a Mosquito Repellent, so planting it in your gardens can help repel Mosquitos… aphids and mites.

属唇形科一年生草本植物,株高约一年生草本植物,高约50 公分。橢圆形叶,具柑橘清香味。花萼绿色开白色小花,花穗亦有新鲜的柠檬香味。喜温暖,耐热喜光气候,生长強健快速,栽培容易。除了做香辛调味料外,亦适合盆缽栽植。

可随时采摘嫩叶。花可做沙拉或配菜装饰。什至晾干後也可作芳香防虫剂。柠檬罗勒可防虫驱蚊, 在你的花园中种植它可以帮助驱走蚊子……蚜虫和螨虫。

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