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Fine Curled Cress – A classic for sandwiches

Quick and easy to grow. Ideal for children to grow … be it on a saucer with cotton wool.

Can be grown indoors all the year round. Sow on moist kitchen tissue and cover with glass or paper until seed germinates. Ready to use in about 15-20 days.

Popular salad variety, used as a filling for sandwiches, or for garnishing salads and other savoury dishes.

由於香草吃起来略带麻辣味,故称为胡椒草。最典型配菜或作为烹调料理加调味之用。 胡椒草的种子很香,栽培时,屋子里都充满香味。应供给适量的水分,使栽培出来的胡椒草,都能直直的向上生长。


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