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For the control of Vinegar or Pomace Fly on Vegetables and Fruit trees.

Also known as the vinegar or pomace fly. Fruit flies (Drosophila melanogaster) are small, gnat-like nuisance, tiny fly species. Pale yellow to brown body with bright red eyes. Fruit flies are mainly attracted to the scent of ripened, fermenting fruits and vegetables. Female Fruit flies lay their eggs near the surface of your ripe fruit—and they can lay 500 eggs at a time! About 30 hours later, tiny larvae emerge and feed on the fruit. In a week, they are ready to take to the air.

HFFA contains oriental lure, an attractant for fruit flies. It also contains pyrethroid, a contact insecticide to eliminate the pests.

Direction of use: Apply a few drops of FFA to a small piece of cotton wool and hang it near the fruit. Repeat when the cotton wool is dry.

果蝇是一种小型,类似蚊子的微小蝇类。 淡黄色至棕色的身体,鲜红的眼睛。 果蝇主要被成熟,发酵的水果和蔬菜的气味所吸引。除柑桔外,尚能为害芒果、番石榴、250余种果实。雌性果蝇在成熟果实表面附近产卵 – 它们可以一次产下500个卵! 大约30个小时后,幼虫在果实中取食果肉并发育成长,幼虫成熟后从果实中外出并入土化蛹,成虫在土壤中羽化外出。

HFFA含有东方诱饵,是果蝇的引诱剂。 它还含有拟除虫菊酯,一种消灭害虫的接触性杀虫剂。

使用方法:将几滴FFA涂抹在一小块棉毛上,然后将其挂在水果附近。 棉绒干燥后重复。

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