Peat Pot #130


吉惠泥炭盆 #130

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SIZE: (8 cm round) x 5 pieces

Horti Peat Pots are excellent for raising plants from seeds or cuttings and for growing on seedlings of flowers or vegetables to a stage well in advance of the usual size for planting out.

Horti Peat Pots are manufactured from compressed peat moss and wood fibre, the plant can be put into its permanent position in the garden without removing it from the pot. The roots will grow through the sides of the pot and the plant will not suffer any transplanting shock.

This makes the Horti Peat Pot an ideal medium in which to grow seedlings to a quite advanced stage and with careful planning can mean the end of long periods of bare garden.

The peat moss in the pot enhances the garden soil into which it is planted.

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Dimensions 8 x 8 x 8 cm