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Rosella is an attractive annual busy plant to 1.5m high with large, lobed reddish leaves and attractive yellow hibiscus-like flowers.

Rosellas are easy to grow, with few pest problems, hardy and productive. Three to four plants is all that is needed to produce a good crop. Plants normally begin to crop when about 3 months old and cropping may continue for 9 months. The fruit is ready to pick about 2-3 weeks after flowering, when they’ll be 2-3 cm across at their widest part.

The fleshy fruit or flower is used to make sauce or jelly with a cranberry flavor.

洛神花 (Lou Shen Hua) 又名玫瑰茄、洛神葵、山茄等,是锦葵科木槿属的一年生草本植物,广布于热带地区栽培。玫瑰茄植株高1.5米,茎淡紫色,直立,主干多分枝。叶互生。花期长,花萼杯状,紫红色,花冠黄色,十分美丽,有“植物红宝石”的美誉。


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