Watermelon Sugar Giant



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This small, round melon is called an icebox type because it is petite enough to fit in the refrigerator. This widely adapted heirloom variety is solid, dark green on the outside with a bright red, firm and fine-grained flesh that is super sweet. Watermelon contains high levels of healthy antioxidants, making Sugar Giant a great sweet way to pack in good nutrition. Vines are compact.

西瓜是热带的原产,气候干燥、日照充足是栽培西瓜重要的条件。本品种西瓜黑美人之经典品种,果实为圆球形,外皮光滑黑绿,有不明显的条纹,果皮薄而坚韧,果肉深红色,肉质鲜嫩多汁。糖度12~13 度,品质优良,耐贮运性。

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