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An oak leaved type with fresh reddish colour and a fresh green colour. This mixture will brighten up all your salads with both red and green leaves. A crisp, tender, ‘non-hearting’ variety. The leaves can be picked a few at a time whenever they are required. Crops throughout weeks even in hot, dry weather and hardly ever bolts. Lettuces prefer a sunny position and fairly rich soil. The combination of red and green plants make an attractive and useful edging to the vegetable plot or even the flower garden.

The packets contain equal quantities of each colour.

We hope you enjoy these lettuce seeds, just another great example of vegetable seeds from Horti!

沙拉橡叶生菜 shēng cài

俗称叶用莴苣,属菊科莴苣属为一年或二年生草本作物。本品种主要特征是“不结球”,基生叶,叶色淡紫红色和深绿色、两品种类。红绿橡叶生菜,三角形的羽叶,叶片薄,叶缘浅裂,三角形的羽叶,呈现美丽的橡树叶形, 故被称为橡叶生菜 (橡叶莴苣)。易栽培、生育快速、強健整齐。适合青炒或生食沙拉用,品质脆嫩爽口,略甜。


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