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The cayenne pepper, an attractive and vigorous hybrid, plants are well branched, highly resistance to viruses and excellent fruit setting. Fruits are slender, 14cm in length, 1.2cm in a diameter weight about 8-10 gms and has strong pungency, maturity about 80 days. Uniforms fruit size throughout the entire growing season. Good for fresh market ad drying.

红辣椒又叫番椒, 属一种茄科植物为一年或有限多年生草本,原产墨西哥。本品种早生,植株直立,高40-80厘米。分枝強,果形整齐,肉质厚脆嫩,辣味很強,定植後约75天可陸续采收红熟果,再生力強。辣椒果实因果皮含有辣椒素而有辣味。能增进食欲。辣椒中维生素C的含量在蔬菜中居第一位。适於鲜市㘯,也适於干制、腌渍。

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